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How to remember new words.

Hi all,

do you use a particular method to remember new words?

I write down all new words on a notebook and have a look at them once a day (I try to do it :-) ).

After a week I remember some of them and I forget others.

I write again the ones that I do not rember...and so on.

This is o good way, even if it's a bit boring.

Tell me about yours




The method which is I'm going to type , I didn't try it :) but I heard from many people. They say it's good to learn and remember new words. But I think it's about have a good visual intelligence. Anyway their method is about combine the word with its picture or photograph. It can be easier to remember the word with its picture. So , what do you think about this method?

Hi. I think your method is just same as mine. Hahaha...or maybe you can stick as many new words on the wall that you can easily watch.


Yiğit's method is good too.


I use Anki. Try, probably you,d like it

I like to open a dictionary and read some words I want to use. I concentrate on one word after another. I repeat the word and get the taste of its sound (plus the syllable chunking) as well as get its denotation and connotation. In order to keep them in memory I practise making sentences. So it is not only micro (a single vocabulary word) but also macro (sentences or phrases).


For me, I prefer not to memorize individual words. It's easier to memorize and remeber new words when I employ them in sentences or write a paragraph or a topic, using them. Also, when I learn a new word, I read its definition and examples clarify its use in dictionary. And I write down synonyms, opposites, and derivatives of words in my notebook to understand them better, remember them easier, and to enrich my vocabulary.

@Nour, @HiLmY

Your method is great if you have to learn few words.

I'm steel at the beginning and the unknown words are more than hte others, so i sould have really much time to write sentences, synonyms and opposites of all the words.

I'll try with some of them per week to check the differences between the two methods.


How does Anki works?

Thanks to all of you

   Practice makes perfect .  A wtched pot never boils

There is no shortcut to sophisticate your vocabulary . The only way to achieve your English vocabulary is to practice all of them by making sentences .

I like to use Memrise (another flashcard system like Anki) but it works best if you know the words in context first, trying to memorize random words and translations may be misleading sometimes and you misunderstand where the words can be used. 


I study same words 2 times of day...when  I wake up and when I go sleep...and usually I try remember the words with new meaning or similar words sometimes the meaning is complety different but how is similar of my motherlanguage I try do exemple in russian some one drunk:  пианино- p'yanyy and I remember piano so allways I see word piano i remember pyanny =drunk ^^ I do that for a lot of words can be confuse for some persons...

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