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What do you know about Liguria?

I´ve never travelled there and I´d like to go, tell me interesting things about it in order to go! try to convince me! :D



Liguria it's a nice!! I  have been living in Genoa and is a town really great! Liguria there are a lot of places for to visit and the food is very good!!

Seem to spend most of my holidays there.  Very fond of it. I like being so close to the sea but also mountains.  Away from the coast it's also fairly untouched by tourism, so you feel you are discovering somewhere.



Liguria è bellissima. It is the paese di fiori e home of pesto! Le cinque terre are 5 lovely little villages that used to be acessible by boats. Now there is a train and you can visit the rustic villages and stay in hotels and agriturismi. There are also walking trails that connect the villages. We took a boat out and snorkeled along the coast. But my recommendation is to stay in Lerici just south of the cinque have easy access to Portavenere and there a lovely white beaches in Lerici. It is out of the way of the tourists, but still you can easily take a train to visit La spezia and the cinque terre. buon viaggio!

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