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Creative Writing Exercise!


Hi everyone, today I wanted to try something different with you all for those who might be interested. I want to run a mini creative writing workshop with some non-native English speakers jut to break up some of the more boring aspects of language learning.

So what I’m going to do is put down a list of words, a theme, and a character and you can make a story out of the material. The first 3 people to write a story with this material will get a free English tutoring session off me! OR, even if you don’t want a tutoring session and just want to share your story please feel free to have a look anyway.

Ok the theme today is “HORROR”

The main character (protagonist) is “The Diplomat”

The lists of words are as follows

(1.) Nefarious
(2.) Debunk
(3.) Tryst
(4.) Laconic
(5.) Scruples
(6.) Valet
(7.) Grandeur
(8.) Vociferous
(9.) Requiem
(10.) Bourgeoisie

OK these are the “TEN WORDS” that you can use to make a “HORROR” story, with the main character “THE DIPLOMAT”

I look forward to seeing what you can come up with. No more than a few paragraphs! I will correct all entries and offer language advice!!!





Let me try.


The Diplomat

Mike burst into a theater where many musicians were performing a requiem. He had all the attributes an obnoxious guy should have and it obviously said “I’m a nefarious guy so leave me alone” somewhere between his eyebrows. The big noise captivated all people. They were surprised and looking at him. Among the audience was a gentle man wearing a decent suit.

Mike rushed onto the stage pulling out his pistol and pointed to the gentle man. He shot him in the head. After people started to realize what had happened, they rushed out of the theater screaming and yelling. There was still a sliver of hope that the gentle man was alive. Mike shot him five more times again.

People were vociferous all around the place. They didn’t dare to go back inside to check what was going on.

After Mike was arrested, he debunked “this diplomat killed is a traitor, who used to be my best friend.”


Awesome work!



What a great offer!



Haha, I would like to take up your offer to have a session with you if it hasn't expired. My skype is winsonwcp. I figured you must be an interesting teacher. I look forward to speaking with you on skype. Thanks.


No problems. The other two offers have been taken by other students on skype already but I saved a slot for you. I will add you now!

It's difficult for me since I don't read or write "horror".  I'd like to try if it's a comedy theme.


Perhaps the next theme might be Comedy. Who knows!

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