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Sunbathing, topless or not?

Personally I would like to do topless at the beach, but I have read news which said that some people is with its camera at the beaches to take pics of girls without bikini. Do you think that nowadays, with the globalization and the technology to take photos, it is dangerous to do topless at the beach?



They say it is not too healthy to do topless at the beach (at least I think for a long time, so be carefull with the Sun). And yes, there is always someone hunting something, and girls at the beach are not exception.

If it's not a special beach , personally , topless-sunbathing is impolite.

I think men always interests with women  . Especialy someone is toplessing in the beach. But you should doing what you like. Don't take care of strangers.


It depends on the country you are in. Don't forget cultural differences. 

You will definitely end up on the internet.

In my country and society due to religion and culture if a girl get topless in a crowded beach she will be dead surely ,,,,....x).lol never try that here in our country lol...


Creo que es peligroso en algunos paises. Aqui en canada, es legal y puedes hacerlo cuando quieras... pero es posible que algunas personas trataran a tomar fotos :/

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