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How do you spend your money?

if you have much money, how do you spend it? 

coz Im a kind of person who more like to save my money then buy something that actually I dont really need it...

but my friend told me that money easy come and easy go, so she didnt need to save it, and spend it to enjoy her life.



make dream come true! money is used for making life happier

First, I will pay off the mortgage, and buy a house for my parents in the downtown, then buy a car.

Sounds like you were earn much money. 


Food, food and more food!

Lisa : what kind of dream that you wish? going to some where? :)


Knighty9 : sounds like you are a good man. Hope you will get it.. :)


Alexander999 : I will. :D


Survival : hahahaha. I hope so... :P


rascal : then, what you fav. food? may be special from your country,,, :D


i'll spend for anything i will get unforgettable experience from. i think i'm one of your friends.. :p

To make the quarlity of life better, for example, begin a new journal, buy more books, big house and a car, etc.

dytun : like what? playing pump? :P


lieren1925 : so, you like reading that much.. :)

I will spend it on my family. I always did.

I think I will ask richer how to use it.

Because It is not good to save money for economy if everyone do that

Your friend is dangerous but she lives on human aim and good for economy

I dont know who is right too

so I will ask richer who know how to use money

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