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What is the best food in the world?



Pizza , hands down. 

Some genius scientists invented a pizza that gives you 33% of your daily need of calories. which means that you can eat it at breakfast , lunch and dinner :D

While there are more beautiful Arabic dishes :)

For me is Sushi one of the best foods in the world. but it is very hard to find a good restaurant for sushi in germany. I like it because you have so much different types of sushi and i enjoy the tee ceremony. but i eat a lot of different food. i was in sri lanka in february 2014 an i ate curry every day. it was also very good.

The best food in the world? There's too many,but i wou

ld like to say that mother's cooking is the best cuisine in the world.   :3



I love my mother ♡

Sushi interesting culture too there aren't uncooked food.But ı am taste one day :)


Oh that's easy!

Any food that comes from the place where you are:

In Saudi Arabia the lamb and rice dish called "Khabsah", or of course fresh dates.

In Berlin a sausage and sauce in bread called a "Currywurst".

In Calcutta one of the amazing sweets.

In Paris a croissant.

In New Zealand at the end of long road along the coast at a little café where they offer classic fresh "fish and chips".


Dates is good.It contains a lot of nutritions. I like the chewy one.

Alright ever do you know Turkish food ?

Clearly good old British fish and chips are the best.  If you disagree with that, you're clearly beyond saving :)

Ukrainian borsch:)

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