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Youtube banned in turkey today. What do you think about this topic? There ranked facebook :)



ı dont know what should i think. İ am very upset. 




What message do you get when you try to access youtube?

That's censorship, I do not know what happens with the government of Turkey but is banning freedom of expresión.This is a dictatorial attitude.

Bullwinkle : what do you make of the youtube ban in turkey from 2007? At the time the reason was that there were bad videos about Ataturk. 

Anyway , I don't think Erdogan thinks a video can only be uploaded to YouTube...

I am Turkish. I live in Turkey. And I dont understand What is going on in Turkey. Some things done wrong. I'm trying to find sometings right. But no!!

Everything will gonna be okay. I believe. Don't be pessimistic. 

For the first looking they prevented people to access them but people always found a way to access.

for example twitter

How did the elections go down?

Is youtube back online in Turkey?

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