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Youtube banned in turkey today. What do you think about this topic? There ranked facebook :)



ı dont know what should i think. İ am very upset. 




What message do you get when you try to access youtube?


Thats why you should not let your government control you. They work for you not the other way around. I would like to say its better in USA but its getting to that same point. The USA has just relinquished control of the internet and by next year it will be owned by most likely the chinese. China already blocks alot of their information.

That's censorship, I do not know what happens with the government of Turkey but is banning freedom of expresión.This is a dictatorial attitude.

Bullwinkle : what do you make of the youtube ban in turkey from 2007? At the time the reason was that there were bad videos about Ataturk. 

Anyway , I don't think Erdogan thinks a video can only be uploaded to YouTube...

I am Turkish. I live in Turkey. And I dont understand What is going on in Turkey. Some things done wrong. I'm trying to find sometings right. But no!!

Everything will gonna be okay. I believe. Don't be pessimistic. 

For the first looking they prevented people to access them but people always found a way to access.

for example twitter

How did the elections go down?

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