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Why it is so difficult?

Hello beasts, I wounder, Why I find it is pretty difficult to find an English partner? Is Arabic language not important for English speakers? In my opinion, Arabic language is the best language, it is fantastic and beautiful. I like it very much and I enjoy speaking it. I am wating for your comments.




I think English speakers should learn Arabic! It is a very important language to learn, as well as fascinating! I will try to learn Arabic after I am more fluent in Indonesian. 

I personally think it's because few Arabic speakers interact with people of other countries. For example, we have so many books from English speaking countries and I seldom find Arabic books. The old saying says that people only could know the best fruit when people can see it in detail.

Grrrr. I'm a beast! That's a funny way to address people. Is it a joke? I like it as a joke but I want to make sure others know it is a good joke but not the way people in English usually address others.


I think there are few English natives wanting to learn Arabic because Arabic is very difficult for English speakers to learn. 



I don't know why it's hard to find an English partner. I'm learning Arabic and it's very complicated becuase of all the dialects, so maybe that's why.

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