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What is the hardest language to learn?


Hi all,


today I wont to ask the question "What is the hardest language to learn?"


Feel free to respond but please give at least two reasons why you think it is the hardest to learn. We can then add up the comments and find out what the hardest language is on Italki!


I'll go first. 


I think English is the hardest language to learn, because

1.) it has too many contradiction in terms of language rules.

2.) it includes far too many words that now days are useless for conversation. 


I think people find it easy because we are always surrounding by it. 

Or to be ultra confusing - Ditch and Ditch... same word, different meaning... That's got to be hard to learn. 


Rascal out. 



"same word, different meaning"

This is very frequent with Chinese characters, especially when two or more Chinese characters are used in the same word group (phrase). It also happens in historically different contexts, that's why it's difficult for modern Chinese people to read ancient Chinese books.


However, Chinese characters have a limited number. People should focus on using them and need less effort to remember them.


Yes, English is very difficult due to its huge vocabulary. Even native speakers have trouble to understand jargons which often gives me a headache (Chinese jargons are just combinations of our familiar words; at least we can remember them easily).

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