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Southern Italy it is the largest open air museum that exists in Europe. It' is a land omnia. Who is agrees?



Io adoro il sud di Italia. Sei mai stata a Lecce? Have you ever been to Lecce in Puglia? There is also an amazing church in Galatina where there are frescos that rival those of Giotto in the Arena chapel in Padua. But, I would have to say all of Italy is an open air museum...the south doesn't have the only corner on the market! :-)

I agree, I suggest you to visit, because you can find anything you want. For example, there are  a lot of deli ("specialità gastronomiche" in italiano), a lot of monuments and culture, wonderful sea and weather.

Particularly I suggest you to visit Sicilia, my homeland, because It is fantastic. You can find Greek, Roman, arabic,  Norman (Friedrich II)  Culture. You can eat tasty food that you don't know. In particular I suggest you "Arancini". The Sea is something marvellous, also in Summer It is not cold.

Great Land surely :)

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