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Dates in english


Hi guys, I need your help. I'm writing a CV in English and have a doubt- how should I put dates in a work experience part? For example- I worked from 02.03.2010 to 15.01.2012 for a company X, would it be:

A) 2nd of March of 2010- 15th of January od 2012

B) 2 March of 2010- 15 January 2012

C) 2 March 2010- 15 January 2012

D) March, 2, 2010 -January, 15, 2012..? :P


Does the same go for writing a date of birth?


Thanks a lot!



March 2, 2010 - January 15, 2012.

Long live American date format!

E none of the above.

Luis wrote it correctly. Note the space after the hyphen and the comma after the number. 

We write this day March 29, 2014 as 3/29/2014. 

C would be a military style but add a space before the hyphen. 


DOB is the same. 

In Britain the format is dd/mm/yy or dd month year, so 29/03/14 or 29 Mar(ch) 2014. I do not know about Australia, New Zealand.


Luis' is the correct answer.


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