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Favorite series/Movie


Hello everyone

I'm a lover of movies and series, and I want to know what is your favorite movie and serie :)




Game of Thrones is my favorite TV series. what's yours ?


well a lot of people talk to me about Game of Thrones but I never watch...atm I'm just watching "Reign" and "Arrow"

Series: Six Feet Under

Movie: American Beauty

My favorite series is Scrubs - the best!)

One of my most favorite Tv series is Friends, I had been learning English with this.

Helloo Sophia :) My favorite series are Fringe, Game of thrones, Sherlock, Supernatural, How i met your mother and some Turkish series. My favorite movies are Amelie, Forest gump, Big fish, Leon, . Jonnhy deep love of all films. :) :) Actually There are favorite many series and movies. 


Oh I watch almost of episodies of supernatural ^^

- Kyle XY

- On tree hill

- Camelion

- The chameleon

- Lie to me
- The mentalist

- White collar 

Action film or comedy.


I know the "kyle XY" but I dind't watch all episodies...

The series I liked :

Shameless US....Skins Uk...Tudors...Roma...Spartacus...The Pillars of the Earth...supernatural...strike back...criminal minds.

and atm I watch Reign, Arrow, hunted.

fav.movies is hard to say :)

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