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The aim of life

   We push very hard everyday to make more money, to gain power and recognition. We neglect our health, time with our family and to appreciate the surrounding beauty and the hobbies we love to do. One day when we look back, we will realize that we don‘t really need that much, but then we cannot turn back time for what we have missed.

So I wonder what is your  aim of  life?



Be happy,doing what you love.

There is nothing special, without having money and power in  everyone's life.By utilizing them in a proper way, will give all satisfaction.

Aim of life is not decided by the education and adveritzemnt by TV and internet and Drama and movie.

You can set your aim of life. If you set the aim as healthy , harmony life. That would become your aim of life. If you set the aim as money , aim would become your aim of life. 

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