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Looking to Video Skype with an interesting new culture


I love new cultures. Any one in a foreign country looking to have a video chat. I've been to many places and would just like to hear about your country. I will help you with English. 



hi,chalsey,i'm sally and i'm from China.wish to make friends with skype is xinlydia:)

hi chalse..i m chandan...if you wanna be a fluent in hindi..and you wanna know about indian culther  so add me on skype..and well i wanna be a fluent in you can help me with english as skype is...chandanjha201191


I am native from Nepal. Let's co-operate for language exchange. I want to improve my speaking English.

skype: sudeep1271




Hi Chalse!

My name is Siamand ,I'm Kurd from Kurdistan (( northern iraq )) I'm native , I hope we can be friends.  And that will help you to know about Kurdish Culture. And it helps me to improve my English. 

Skype : Siamand.Muhamad

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