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Any Amharic teachers or students out there?


I hope to visit Ethiopia sometime in the next couple of years and would like to get started learning Amharic. Are there any Amharic teachers or learners here on italki? I'm looking for lessons, conversation/exchange partners and/or advice.






Hi Sam, did you find an amarigna teacher ?


No, I never did find anyone.

hey there, can you believe that I’m Ethiopian but i don't speak Amharic, i'm here to learn Amharic too

Hello people!

እንድም ናችሁ?

I am here to learn Amharic as well...

I have got a basic vocabulary in Amharic and Tigrinya and i can read and write in both of them...

My problem is the fluency...

Can any of you guys help me?

እግዚያብሔር ይምስግን

ደኀና ሁኑ።


I can help you learn Amharic. I am from Ethiopia.

Selam lante yihun (it means peace to you).

Tena yisitilign (means how are you, can be used for both genders).

Endemin neh ( is another version of how are you to male gender.)

Endemin nesh ( is how are you to female gender).

Hey guys,

I am from Ethiopia and i know how to speak Amharic fluently.

If you need any lessons let me know, E-mail

                                                    skype: Daniel.spanishlearner



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