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The Culture Of Wine In France

Wine is a part of French culture where buying a bottle is a ceremony and tasting is an art. Every single wine has a unique character to explore along the criteria of grape variety, soil, planting, yields and wine-making. Since the culture of wine is based on knowledge, as well as on rituals, French natives often get to know their national wines from other people, like the elderly, who take pleasure in introducing new generations to this national art of drinking wine.




Hi Frencheek. Great article. 

You mentioned Vins de Table which are "affordable wines that families drink for everyday lunch". Is it true that French people often drink wine for lunch.  Drinking wine or any other alcohol for dinner is popular perhaps everywhere in the world, but consuming wine for lunch and then continuing on with your work does amaze me.  

Hi, I really liked your article, recently I've got interested in wine culture as Enology and stuff so it really helped me as an introduction c: thanks a lot

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