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Italian movies

Do you like italian movies? Which one is your favorite?





I think Italy's got a few nice directors: Bellocchio, Bertolucci, Moretti, Sorrentino, Garrone... Tornatore and Salvatores have done some nice movies as well (just mentioning the ones still in activity, or I should mention Leone, Antonioni etc.).
My favorite movie is "Amici miei", an old comedy, but I don't think a foreigner would appreciate it fully (not even many Italians nowadays appreciate it).
But it depends what you're into, you could watch an old Argento's movie if you're into horror, Leone's if you like western, Sorrentino if you're in for something more "intellectual", etc. :-)


Sì mi piacciono molto i film italiani. My friend writes a blog: I love Italian Movies ( where she features all kinds of Italian movies. She REALLY loves Italian movies! So if you are looking for suggestions check out her site. Recently I wrote a post for her called "What I watched Last night: È nata una star" Ho comprato il film quando ero a Roma. You can read it here:


But for the record my all time favorite Italian film is "Il cinema paradiso", not only is the story beautiful the musical score is amazing! 


I also wrote a review of the new Oscar award winning Italian film "La grande bellezza" that you can find on my site too:


I love Malena with Monica Bellucci and also obviously la dolce vita and 'divorzio all'italiana' a wonderful black comedy with Marcello Mastroianni. 

I have recently discovered the films "Commedia all'Italiana" - Monicelli, Comenici etc. Wonderful! I have persoannly decided to look for the best folms with Albertone - Alberto Sordi. Last night? Tutti a Casa! Great film. And don't miss La Grande Guerra. Really there are so many - but the older films seem to be more straightforward, and so easier to understand.  If you wont a delight ful - Miracolo a Milano!

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