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Can anyone help me with this sentences?

 “Let us think of the lovely splendor of the god Savitar, that he may inspire our minds.”

"Tat Savitur vereniam Bhargo devasya dhimahi Dhiyo yo nah pracodayat" from Trisandya mantra ."

Can anyone help me how to write this?



In which script do u want this written? Devanagari?

yes, Devanagari script. Could you help me?

Sorry for replying late. I was busy in online tutoring. It is difficult to write in Hindi / Devanagari here. Kindly send me a message with your Skype id. I will reply you with my Skype id. You may also send me your e-mail id.

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send me your email...

Use Google Search with the following key words, you will have it instantly.
"Gayatri Mantra in devanagari script"
you can have it. 

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