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Do u know something about the Disney International Program?and what do I need to do when I live in the USA?

I'm a college studeng.I've been admitted to the Disney International Program,and I will go to the Disney World in Florida this summer holiday.But I'm not fully understand what I need to take and what I should pay attention to during the life there?



Florida in the summer is really hot!

There's a lot of people who speak Spanish because of its history. And of course, there's a lot of English speakers.


I've heard some news from a youtube user who used to work or did the same program or sth. He has his own youtube account. He said there's curfew.

You will have a roommate for sure!



Since the summer is hot there, you surely should take 清凉油. In case 夏季感冒 because of too much ice food,霍香正气水. But I don't know whether they allow these taken into plane.

1) Bring sunblock lotion or spray.

2) Your clothes

3) Makeup/Comestics if you want.

4) People will poke fun of you because your ethnicity. <It's the truth>

5) Americans use LOTS of sarcasms.

6) Many Americans (not all) have a fetish for Asian girls. So be careful.

7) Many Americans will playing the guessing game like "Let me guess you're're KOREAN?!, oh wait...Chinese?!"    <It's really rude.>

8) Shaving cartridges & disposable razors are permitted (must be in luggage and cannot be a carry on item.

9) You can bring your phone and phone charger. How will they contact you?



I will send you a link to what you can and cannot bring.


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