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How Korean sounds to you??




To me, it sounds like a mix between Japanese and Chinese. I like it very much!

Souds awesome!!I love korean so much!! :D

korean girls are cute, and korean men seems to be caring about their wives!
i hope i am right!
 i also like korean women dresses very much , but i feel boys dress in a girlish way there! 


Korean is beautiful!!!


When I hear the word 철 I almost orgasm :D

It sounds lovely especially when Korean people talk about things which are also well known in China, I will think “wow, it’s so interesting to express them in another language”, for example, herbs, palm reading (fortune telling). Korean intonation is a bit stronger so I think I won’t dose off during a Korean lecture.


Funny until I learn it.

Korean are hard workers, creative, and intelligent.

Sounds nice. Hangul is also very beautiful!

My daughter lives in Seoul. I love when she speaks Korean. 

to me it sounds like chinese. It is prety.

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