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Furkan Files - She Was More Concerned About Her Phone Than Getting Out Of The Drain


Is this True or Fiction

A 16-year-old Ella Birchenough found herself stuck in a storm drain in Dover, England while trying to fetch her cell phone. She got herself so stuck that firefighters had to respond and lift her out.

Tim Richards, 22, was driving home when he saw Birchenough up to her waist on the drain on Wednesday, The Telegraph reports.

"It's not the type of thing you see every day," Richards said. "It was pretty weird. She was more concerned about getting her phone back rather than getting herself out of the drain."

Birchenough said she dropped her iPhone into the drain while talking to someone. She tried to pull herself out, "but it wasn't happening," she told Metro. Her mom, who was nearby at the time, panicked and called emergency responders, but Birchenough said they both found the humor in the situation.



This one is very much possible but I have a feeling that since last one was true, this one might be fiction :)


But I will still go with TRUTH!


That's a good guess. What makes you think this was is true besides the other one being true? I'll provide the answer tomorrow ;)

These kind of things you can expect from some people, specially teenagers. It is kind of cute but very much expected from a person who is madly in love with her iPhone as they access their favourite stuff like facebook, youtube, whatsapp etc. from phone. It is kind of life line. Can do away without food for a while but not without phone.

It might be a fiction because the drains are usually covered with heavy steel tops. How can a girl have such wrist and arm strength?

Also, it's up to her waist so she can lean her back towards either side of the drain (sleep posture, hehe) to let her upper body weight draw her out. It's not up to her chest.

Also, how can't her mother pull her out? a 16 is light.

Also, firefighters won't use ladders for up-to-waist situations. I think they only need a lift of their fingers or arms (if the girl is heavier).



Excellent observations everyone! That's the point of these conversations - to get you to understand what is the general meaning of the story and look for clues to the truth or fiction of the story. It is very hard for native English speakers to guess if they are true or false. 


I would agree that it would take some work to remove a storm drain and then be willing to get dirty to find a missing phone. However, this story is true!

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