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Does it happen to you that sometimes you feel frustrated....

Does it happen to you that sometimes you feel frustrated because you find yourself unable to exspress yourself clearly and yet when you hear neative speakers,you feel that it is so simple and easy?



Yes, often that is my problem with English! Even though I have been learning it for a long time now. I guess the solution is just practice, practice, practice... :)

I totaly agree with you! Practice with neative speakers!!! :)

And that's why we registered at italki! I was incredibly happy to find such an opportunity, I didn't know about italki at all!

Yes it is true. I singed up at itaki just a week ago and really glad about it :)

Yes, it also happens to me. After some even short English conversation I have annoying feelings that everything what I've just said I could say in different, better, more understandable way. This is something that really irritating me, because suggest that not everything in conversation was sufficiently good. But, regardless on ours - as a learners of languages - attitudes after such a situations, I think we should use similar experiences as a source of motivation for further studies. This is really important.

I just moved to Ireland to study English last week and I've felt frustration like never before! I'm so terrified when native speakers ask me something and I don't have idea what they're saying. They speak so fast ...

Absolutely. I think it's because my listening comprehension is better than my speaking, so I figure if I understand it when it's spoken to me, surely I can say it too?? Nope!! Putting the right words in the right order is hard... lol.

I'm weird. I would think that I'm already good at my native language and it would be strange if the natives speak worse than me.

Yes one become frustrated in expressing his feeling, because he could not be able to speak the languege, in order not to be frustrated in speaking or expressing youself in english, first accept who you are, i can not speak, this idea will move you to learn, make a friend who speaks english well, don't fill shin to speak the little you know with him, if you make mistake first,second by the time you will repeat that word the third time you will overcome the mistake. Don't get discourage keep learning.

YES!! it happens to me all the time! Even i can think about some topyc but when is time to express myself or talk about it i feel like i mess it up haha Its frustrating and disappointing at the same time.

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