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How many hours should you sleep every night?

Learning English is good, go to italki and talk to people to improve your English is even better, but always remember your time to sleep, health is wealth. Here is a video about how to wake up feeling great. Many people say that the video is inaccurate. I want to know your opinions, how much sleep do we really need to work productively?

For me, I usually sleep 6 hours per day, from 2 am till 8 am.




The hours of sleep change to person for person..I read the Napoleon just was only asleep 4h for day and the Albert Einstein asleep 12h ...

In my case I sleep 8h-10h  (03hstill14... 04h still 14h...or 05h still 14h)

Sleep jut 6h is bad usually we should sleep 8h in min, but if you feel well with it, I was 1year sleep 4h/6h for day and I was allwats K.O

I don't know about Napoleon, but I had already tried the Leonadro da vinci's way once, the Da Vinci sleep schedule requires people to sleep 20 minutes for every four hours that they are awake @@ I didn't get any success, even just for one time. I can't sleep just only 20 minutes.


Yes, you should keep your sleeping schedule. I want to sleep 8h-10h too, everyone does. However I just don't have enough time to do that, there are a lot of more important things I need to do now. I always wish we had 48 hours per day.

                        "Less Sleep Means More Dreams" - Literally and figuratively.


From the video above, What do you think? A 90 minutes nap is better or a 30 minutes nap is better?(Scientific experiments suggest that an average power nap duration of around 30 minutes is most effective????

Personally, I sleep around 10h-12h per day. Some days I sleep up to 14h.

Sleep should be efficient so we'd better sleep between 11 pm -3 am (23:00-3:00) as well as about half a hour after 12 am (12:00) or noon. These should be the basic time-frame and you can surely sleep longer. How to judge? Depends on how you feel when you wake up. If you feel refreshed, you choice is right.

 Scirntists say the average is 8 hours & 36 minutes,  and we should sleep before midnight as the relaxation enzyme works sufficiently before 12 a.m., for me, I need 7-8 hours a day.

I agree that sleep should be around 8-10 hours. I also agree that we should sleep before midnight. However the perks of being a full time student don't allow me to sleep up to 12 or 14 hours per day or just simple 8 hours per day. I need to do course projects,research, go to class, I need to go to gym, hang out with friends...etc.. make my days are always busy and the only time that I can sit down calmly at my table is the time other people go to sleep.


So we should sleep 20min after 4hours or in my case make the counts for know how many hours is suppost I sleep know im wake up 14h/15h ? according to the theory of Leonadro da vinci's


Luis  Leonadro da vinci's sleep more or less 2h30 for day ^^ like all people with that method 


2h or 2h20* i made a mistake 

Yes, you are right! People, who are using the Da Vinci's method, sleep schedule involves taking 20-30 minute naps every 4 hours, thereby getting a total of 2 hours of sleep per 24 hours. This means these people sleeper gets 22 hours of waking life.

Here is an article I've read:
"People who try the Da Vinci sleep schedule often go through a very difficult adjustment period. Experts agree that the first two weeks can be extremely difficult and can lead to lack of coordination, low energy levels, and drop in their alertness level. Others experience nausea, headaches, or lost of appetite. All the symptoms go away on their own after 10-14 days, and the body goes back to reacting normally"


I tried once with the Leonadro's method. But...Well, you know, I could't take a nap for just 15 minutes, one I lay down, it will be 1 hour or more. Another reason is that unlikely Leonadro da Vincy, who could go to sleep and work anytime he wanted, I'm a normal person, I need to study, work and sleep with a social's schedule.


According to the American Sleep Disorders Association, the average person needs around 8-10 hours of sleep per night. I think with 6 hours per night like me now is too few. I might change my sleeping schedule^^
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