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First thought in your head when you open your eyes in the morning is....



Finally! I wake up! Because I think sleep is a waste of time.

How many notifications I have on italki since last night :))))

just kidding :D I usually plan my next day at night, then my first thought every next morning is what I'm gonna do today.


Are my kids okay

The first thing I think of every morning is: Is it morning already? Okay, I must get up and get ready for work/ anything. Don't go back down! :)

A say a little prayer of thanks to God for being alive another day. "Thank you, Lord, for this day, and every day that you give me." :-)

First thing is : Thanks God for another day you give me to experience the life

The very first thought of mine is "What time is it?"

I agree with Maidhc and Anty Yogaputn, I am thankful that I have been given another day.

check my mobile phone

I work today again, don't I ?


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