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What kind of Italian, French, German, and Spanish films do you like?

Are you guys into the art of film? What are your favourite Italian, French, German or Spanish films?

I think watching foreign movies is such a brilliant way to improve language skills!



Hello i¨m Spanish. I dont like the spanish people generally but there are any good.what type of movies? action, drama, horror,...?

Any! Horror, drama, fantasy, anime, comedy etc.


I can suggest three italian movies:

- I cento passi: it's about the story of Peppino Impastato, a guy who became an active member of Comunist Party to fight Mafia in Sicily.

- La vita è bella: I'm almost sure you have heard about it. It deals with the experience of a Jewish Italian person and his son during the world war II. It was an accademy award winner.

- C'era una volta il West: It's a spaghetti western. I don't know if you like this genre...



Hi, I'll give you my favourite ones per nation (but it's just a little taste, it is not enough :) )

Italian: 8 e 1/2;

French: Les Les Quatre Cents Coups;

German: Soul Kitchen;

Spanish: Amores Perros.





Some of my favourite spanish films are:

- La lengua de las mariposas (look for it, it's pretty!)

- Mar Adentro (real story about euthanasia that every spaniard knew some years ago)

- La piel que habito

- Tesis


For spanish films, I recommend you to take a look at the Almodóvar's and Amenábar's filmography.


PD: Emanuele, let me specify a detail: Amores Perros is a great film, but mexican, not spanish.

oh yes Miguel you are right, my fault... :((   anyway i have seen every films you quoted but La Lengua de las mariposas ,  they are all great ;) i like Spanish cinema so much

So, in order to repair to my former mistake i can suggest a "real" spanish film: La Comunidad (Alex de la Iglesia) ;)

Hi! I can recommend you Italian comedy "Benvenuti al Sud". I watched it in italian version and it really made me laugh! :)

You should watch the italian film "Le conseguenze dell'amore" in english "The consequences of love", it's a wonderful film with the italian actor Tony Servillo the protagonist of "The great beauty" (La grande bellezza) , even the director is the same, Paolo Sorrentino.
I love the soundtrack of this film, it's by the german band Lali Puna. 


Hi !

To watch a french film, there is "Astérix et Obélix mission Cléopâtre" !
I have seen (yesterday) an italian film : Manuale d'amore. 
They are different, but so cool !

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