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What's The Best Way To Learn English?

Whenever I hear a really good beginning or intermediate student who sounds like a native English speaker, I always ask how he or she did it. This is what my really good students tell me, and I’m passing their advice on to you.




   You have listed a very good way to learn a language and to this list I would like to add such a method as reading an adapted literature aloud. Firstly when we read that we replenish our vocabulary, secondly, we improve our listening and speaking skills because we read exactly ALOUD!!! Third reading is easy and interesting (because we have chosen a book to read) to us because literature is adapted to our level and we understand almost 99 percent of text, especially if we read a book on computer, and sometimes use Google translate. Fourthly, in this method a very high degree of obtaining English material per unit of time in comparison with the film where can do many things but to say little.


You are an excellent writer!


Excellent comments, Vladamir!  Best of luck--Ilene: your American teacher in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico!

I agree with Vladimir. You are not going to improve your spoken english just by memorise vocabulary or listen english radio, the only way is that speak aloud.


Lynne--thanks for the lovely comment which means a lot, considering that it comes from a fellow teacher!  Best of luck--Ilene--teaching Best of luck--Ilene: teacherEnglish  in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico!


Thanks, Shaw--I agree with you who agrees with Vladamir :) Best of luck--Ilene: your American teacher in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Hello I.S.  Your seven points are well made.  I've been teaching for about 20 years.  I always tell my classes that English (or any language) is learnt outside the classroom, out in the street, out in life.  The classroom only equips them to go out and use their new language.  If they don't use what they learn in the classroom, they'll never become comfortable with the language.

The other point I make to my mature Ss, is that there are two rooms that are 'best' for learning any new language, the classroom (of course) and the bedroom.  Having a friend or lover who speaks the language you want to learn is probably the best way to gain an insight into how the new language works, why, because it's all about the expression of emotions.  Cheers from Cyprus

Speaking aloud for sure helps a lot ! However for those aiming at learning English in a country where it is not practiced that much, it could be hard to find a discussion partner with whom to improve our language. To overcome this difficulty if it is your case, you can read a lot of books in English, watch television and movies without subtitles, or try to translate by yourself some short sotries or articles. These ways really helped me when I did not have the chance to talk in English very often. 

Best, Linda.

i love your text! you have the reasson!

i dont know very well english, but since 3 weeks im listening to the english radio (BBC) and im improving my vocabulary.

Yesterday i bought a english book, but its very difficult for me yet, but i think gently i could read it.

 Anyway, i need to desappear my embarrassment, becouse im going to london every month and i cant speak enflish because im feel shy!!


Linda--that is excellent advice!.  I'm glad it's working for you.

All the best--Ilene: your American teacher in beautiful, New Mexico, USA!

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