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Do u believe "fall in love at the first sight"?

There may have someone see ur photo and tell u he/she fall in love with u,or just like others situation,like a glance in a cofe,would u believe or trust that?



 i don't believe in first sight love actually it's just an attractions and nothing more.

The first sight can bring to me impression with someone. But do not fall in love, love need very much time. 


I believe it exists but it is difficult to distinguish from regular physical attraction.

I think falling in love needs time to know the other part , Love is not just sight , but it can be the key of the way 

   Hi! I don't believe in  falling in love with someone at the first sight.   You need much more time and practical sacrifice showing respect and many other behaviours . The suitable word for the kind of love that you mentioned above is called attraction not more than that. point of view bye!

absolutely not! 
I blieve people could fall in intense lust at first sight,
 and they  would consider it wrongly as love:D

i think it is sexual and psychological attraction

yes i believe, but no with a photo, only in person, because is more that to feel atraction for another person, you feel something extrenger in all your body, your hands are shaking, do not you can stop seeing their eyes until your breathing becomes slow, your heart races, know this in the same place as you smail, hearing his name makes you nervous, it affects the whole organism literally has to be stronger than all convinadas drugs, even that the only thing we do is try to hide it, out of pity,

Definitely not.

No. I don't believe.


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