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How does one successfully learn a new language?

I have been crunching in trying to learn Russian, but it is still quite difficult to grasp the language. Do you guys have any techniques on how to successfully learn a new language?



i feel same way as you, I am trying learning it from funny web such as

you have to have a big desire to learn russian by yourself,it's rather difficult.i can advice you to learn at least basic russian and then to try communicating in skype with russians

also while you are doing something switch on the russian radio online and let it will remember some phrases or at least constructions unconsciously)good luck!


If you have good logical skills, it is beneficial to learn basic grammar and basic vocabulary first, and then you’ll be able to use the language. Then you can increase complexity slowly. If you are more imaginative than logical, it all goes about see and hear a lot, mimic a lot.

You need to find a teacher or to skype with any Russians . the best way is to learn languages from native speakers

Talking to native speakers is a great way
but I like listening to music , it's so useful, you can learn a lot of new words! Good luck :)

I would suggest you to learn words firstly, it is known fact that 65-85% of language - is lexis, and only remain 35-15% are grammar and pronunciation. You can start really understandable communication with lexis, but without grammar. There are a lot of technics for memorising words quickly, try to use them.

Learn it like childs do! Forget about grammar, syntax, etc. Just start speak with native speakers.


Of course if you know basic of grammar it will help you to start work faster. But anyway, your mind work with language patterns. You just use some known phases and you never think about tenses and other things. So you should have a lot of practice!

Lately I have been using an audio which has a transcript. Listen to the audio, even a only a few seconds at a time or about 10 words. Write down what you hear and check against the transcript. A two minute audio can take me over half an hour as I have to repeat each phrase over and over.

Then throw your paper away and repeat listening to the audio all over again. Try for longer phrases, getting every single word and checking against the transcript. This way you are listening and picking up the sounds of every word. You also have to think - why that word?

Most learners spend far too much time reading and not enough time listening - even though you learnt your first language before you could read.

Best player is free and open source Audacity. You can pick out a phrase, loop over and over an even slow down the tempo.



If you want I'd glad to see you couple easy way to learn Russian Language.
Music don't Help, Audio also.
Need practice sturcutre language by automaticly.
Sorry for my bad English, I am learning English by myself, and after 2 week practise that way I can a little bit speaking.
If you interesting, I glad to help you...


Depends on your learning style and what's easier for you. I learn better by listening and writing things down, so music, news articles and short films are very helpful tools for me. I like doing grammar exercises and writing short notebook entries to make sure that my grammar is keeping up with my speaking skills. Some people are a lot more lucky and they learn merely by listening; they are able to learn and pick up things by ear so conversations with native speakers are helpful for them.

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