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Looking for HSK Chinese teacher


I'm willing to take HSK exam in June..I never did it before and I'd like to try level 1 or even level 2 if I feel ready. I'll take level 1 more probably :) I'm already studying the list of characters for HSK1, I didn't finish yet but I will soon and I can remember almost 100% of the characters I studied so far. Though I didn't try a simulation of the exam yet. I would like to have a few lessons with a teacher specialised in HSK exam preparation. Teachers who feel qualified for this can comment below. I also welcome students to share any info or suggestion they have about HSK exam. Feel free to share your personal experience.



i can help you if you dont mind my pool english 

I want to help you. But my grammar is not formal.

You need a book of chinese grammar and a language exchange partner.


Thanks :) Yes I have some books and I know that a language exchange partner is very useful. I would like to find also someone who has experience about HSK. Anyway you can add me and we can talk :)

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