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Anyone interested in recording exchange? English and русский?

So here's the dilemma- I don't have a lot of time so I can't Skype but I want to practice. Would any Russian speakers that have access to a recording device want to record themselves speaking russian and email me their recording and script while I can send them an English recording and script?  We could have some days where we trade recordings of English and some days where we email recordings of Russian! It would be kind of like Skyping but Easier for a busy schedule. Anyone interested? 



Hi Paige. You can use Whatsapp. There you can send and voice files, and your partner will be able to hear a word or sentence. Whatsapp installed on your phone or tablet. At any time you can get a message or a voice message and listen to it, you need only Internet access. More info here or here


I am always using


You can also install "radio fm" application on your android and listen to loads of Russian radio stations. 

Just recording voice and send to you? If I understand



Thank you Maxim, I will try to do that with Whatsapp.

Yes Max! recording voice and sending it to me! I just got Whatsapp if anyone is interested?

На этом сайте можно скачать уже готовые аудио, записанные носителями языка. Разные темы, разные голоса, разные уровни. К сожалению, там нет скриптов. Если тебе понравяться какие-то записи на русском, я могу помочь тебе написать к ним скрипты.

I'm interested ))

Hello, Paige! That's really interesting.) I'm ready.) Please, write me if you want to try.)

Hello Paige!

I can help you with russian if you want.

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