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About the city of Torino - Italia

Hi everyone,
I am planing to visit the city of Torino - Italia this summer. I want to get as much information as possible about the city. All I know about Torino is its symbol of Mole Antonelliana. If you have any information about culture, history, art, beautiful lanscapes, custom of the place. Please share with me, it would be greater if you share some photos. Please leave messages here or write me an email via
Thank you very much!




First advice: Italians don't know English, so it's better if you learn some sentences to live there (unless you have a friend who can speak with Italian people :) )


I've been in Turin in November and I like it. I visited the Mole, which is the main building of the town (and also the tallest). You can go on the top of this building with a "glass elevator" and see the "whole" town. Another place you should visit is the "Museo Egizio", a must if you like Egiptians. There are also other attractions but the visit mainly depends from the days you will spend there. If you want I can send you some photos, but you can find lots of pictures on the net (you can go there for more info: )

Just make sure NOT to come visit in August, especially mid-August. It'll freeze up as most people will be out of town on vacation, either on the coastline or up the Alps.
This also applies to many business and service providers.

As far as attractions go, you might want to check out this link and decide accordingly, depending on the length of your stay:


Some of the top landmarks - Basilica di Superga, Palazzo Reale, Porte Palatine, Castello del Valentino, Piazza San Carlo, Mole Antonelliana, Piazza Statuto and last but not least, Juventus Stadium :O) - are nicely showcased in this video I found:


If you have any specific question feel free to send me a pm

Thank you very much!:)
This information does helps me a lot! 

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