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How has anyone found learning Català (Catalan language)?

I'm thinking of signing up for a Catalan course at university, and was wondering how other people had found learning the language. I am a native English speaker, and currently study French and Spanish (Castilian). Are there lots of similarities between these two languages and Catalan? If so, have people found it very confusing to learn at the same time as other languages? Also, could anyone recommend any useful websites where I could learn the basics? Just wanted to hear other people's experiences before making a final decision.
Ella :)



Two years ago I decided to try learn this language by myself. I loved the pronunciation and the book with cds was useful...unfortunatelly hadn't enough time. It is a fun and interesting language to learn.

For me was relatively easy cause italian is my mother tongue. For an english speaker must be difficult, but if you know spanish and french then it'll help a lot...many words sound like a mix of italian, spanish and latin. I hope you'll enjoy learning it!

Thanks for your response :)

If it's similar to Latin and Spanish, I hopefully won't find it too difficult, as I'm guessing some of the words and structures will be easily recognisable. Which books/CDs did you find helpful? I'm guessing they used Italian as a base language, but there might be English equivalents by the same company.

I have some catalan books...e-books

if you want them, I can send ya via of charge of course:) 

French,Spanish, portuguese, romanian, catalan[valencian..actually, they are the same...maybe some dialectal differences], romanche, walloon and some other small languages are all derived from Latin, so they're relatives...:)

actually, I think the phonology of spanish is the easiest in romance languages[well...though I cannot pronounce the trill r..I still think so], phonology of catalan is a bit more complex than that of spanish..

Thanks, Vulanyenir! That would be really helpful! If you follow me back, I can message you my email address :)

Yes, I've found that too! Spanish isn't too difficult to pronounce. Is Catalan pronunciation more similar to French?



I've recently started learning Catalan, and I've found these resources to be quite useful:









I'm also using the 'Teach Yourself: Complete Catalan' audio ebook (downloaded from itunes), which is much better than the usual CD/book format.


Personally, I wouldn't recommend that you learn Catalan at the same time as another Romance language (or two!): Catalan is like a wonderful soup of Spanish and French, but this means that it's easy to get confused.

However, if you've had no problems studying Spanish and French at the same time, this might not be a problem for you... In fact, you'll probably find Catalan to be an easy language to learn. Go for it!

Thanks, I'll have a look through those, I feel like I'll have plenty there to be getting on with! 

Yes, so I've heard! I don't get the two confused at the moment, but this might be because I'd been studying French for a long time before Spanish, so I'd already kind of established the vocab a bit more. 


I noticed you're living in Barcelona at the moment - are you finding it very helpful knowing Catalan? I'm spending a year studying abroad and wanting to stay in Barcelona, and possibly move there after university, is part of the reason for wanting to learn the language, but I'm not sure how widely used it is in the city.

Hi :)

I speak catalan and if you want we could talk o write each other.

I'm interested in improve my English because in July I have and exam.



I used Teach Yourself Catalan and Colloquial Catalan, both are english-based courses (books with 2 cds). About websites for learning catalan I don't know, probably there are many.

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