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I want to know how many people hate eating pineapple

I really don't like the taste of it.



We really don't have much of it here. I doesn't grow in this part of the world .But I guess it tastes alright , from the very few experiences I had with it.

I love its taste. It's delicious, IMO. It has many health benefits. You can read about its benefits in the following link:

In my house, pizza isn't pizza without pineapple.  We love pineapple on everything.

I like a ripe pineapple.

I love beef steak with pineapple :)


Personally, I love it, but I suspect it may be one of those foods that different people actually taste differently.


A friend of mine once said "While you are eating it, it is trying to eat you." That's because pineapple contains a powerful enzyme that can digest some kinds of protein. You can't make Jello with fresh pineapple in it because the enzyme prevents the jello from "setting," it remains liquid.


Pineapple will make some peoples' mouths sore because the enzyme irritates the mouth. It may be that irritation that bothers you.


As the saying goes, "everyone to their own tastes."



When I was a child I visited a cannery/canning factory in Swaziland.  It was the season for canning pineapples.  There was pineapple juice everywhere and the sickly sweet smell of pineapple was everywhere.  To this day I cannot eat tinned pineapple and I won't eat it on a pizza.  BUT I love fresh pineapple, but as Dan mentioned, I sometimes get the feeling that it's eating me.

I like pineapple, especially pineapple chips ~

I like it if it's cooked, but if it's uncooked it's far too sweet for me to even chew.

I love eating pineapples as they taste delicious and smell really attractive. Yet eating this kind of fruit may cause some trouble with my tounge, I cannot eat too much.

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