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what do you think about Italki?

What do you think about Italki? I think Italki is a good site but It has many defects



I like italki.  I can help those who wish to learn written English.

I do wish there were edit and deletion features.

italki is awesome. It needs some changes regarding to thumb up and down since it could be useless if some users make multiple accounts to use it to support/or against speacific topics. Also, I wish if we could follow our comment on others' notebook.  The other options are ok with me.


Matheus: there is no errors with notification icon. When you open your notification you will see small dot at the right of the notification. Make a click on it and your notification will disapear. 

And we can't add many photos

The website is a great site for language exchange, but It isn't good for me. I speak Vietnamese, and there aren't many people want to exchange with my language. Other wise, I think the website is a superb opportunity to learn writing and discussion. I didn't try with any lesson from any teacher yet, so I can't give my opinion about it, but I think it is good too :)


Ofc we can't add many pictures for that we have facebook, twitter etc like you can log in and show down of yout image for people know you have, is a  site for learn language or/and practice and not for flirt...who care if is a ugly pic if the teacher or tutor is good one?

At a moment the only thing annyong is button of notification ^^ I hate have numbers in my bell I like more the old system with notification green

Sorry Sopia but I don't agree with you


you don't need agree or disagree is just my opinion ^^ 

Yes Mitzi I agree with you. but  it has many errors


Thank you Chris, you think like me, one pic is enouph for a lot of pics I have facebook and twitter here I wan't teach and learn with some people, not be best friends for ever with all people....flirtung here and start pla pla pla is very annoying...was you who need learn sign language?

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