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Landside is one of the natural disasters and have large financial damage to the country's annual .In this article, unstable slopes Prova dirt area in the city of Neka (Mazandaran province ) , with emphasis on the effects of earthquake acceleration , have been evaluated . This research for practical purpose provide sustainable solutions suitable done. slope stability analysis of soil to limit equilibrium methods are used. To achieve the perfect result :
According to studies carried out in the field and laboratory in ranges sustain current situation and then examine the effects of groundwater level rise and changes in soil engineering parameters is proportional to evaluate it , given the a factor of safety 1.5 of long-term sustainability maximum failure in depth range determined by the maximum depth of the failure to obtain the maximum amplitude of the driving force was calculated by the method of slope analysis in both cases .
without regard to seismic ground acceleration with respect to earth horizontal seismic acceleration 0.37g was made, and if the result is dramatically will be reduced to apply acceleration of the earthquake safety . As the amount of non -state earthquake of 1.23 to 1.02 decreases.



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