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Have u ever been...

Have u ever been in Ukraine? 



yeah a few times. b'coz I've friends and relatives there. but now it's better not to go from Russia to Ukraine. Sadly)


I really wish to visit Ukraine someday, I think its a beautiful place, that I should not miss out during traveling days. :) 

no, in news they talk a lot about it these days, how things goes there ?

no, I have never been there



Have YOU ....? (this is not a SMS )


Not yet,but I´m planning to go.


Thanks God, no! :)


 I will get the Certificate " Person of Ukrainian origin ".

In Uruguay there´s no Ukranian embassy.It´s in Buenos Aires (Argentina), for Argentina,Uruguay and Paraguay.So,I will have to go to buenos Aires to get it.

This certificate allows you to pay less for the visa,I think,but I´m not sure.Anyway,I want to have it,because my father was Ukranian.

Not yet, but i'm planning to go there on holidays. Although I don't know: is it safe, because I want to jachąc the Crimea...

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