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Could the word "balls" be polite?

Good evening everyone

I would like to ask you all. If is it polite to say something like this?: 
" I had the balls to take the decision ".

I listened to it in a business program ( The apprentice ). And now I have the doubt if that is polite or rude, specially for the word " Balls " .

and the most important to me: Can I use it in a business meeting or a polite conversation with my boss or people like that one?

Thank you for your answers 



The use of the word "balls" in the above phrase is quite correct. With that being said, I do not believe it wise to use it in any kind of professional conversation. You may use it with friends or people you are quite familiar with, but definately not your boss.

I believe that it was only used in the show you watched for emphasis. Phrases like "the courage" or "the nerve" or "I dared to" are more appropriate.

You should probably say 'I had the guts to make the decision' I think. That's quite a common way to put it professionally. 

Not only is it vulgar and rude, the verb in the sentence is wrong. Decisions are made. You can take the initiative or take a stance.  The word "guts" is not much better. 

English is replete with excellent alternatives. Courage is a great word.  Have the courage to make the decision to scour sources for more appropriate choices. 

Thanks to all of you !

I'm goint to take it in acount. I was thinking I could use it in a polite conversation. But you showed me that not. Thanks for your advice.

I hope you have a great day 

I agree with the above comments and am pleased to see you've decided not to use it.

There's another aspect of the word I wanted to point out.  The phrase originated to mean "Stand up and 'be a man'.  Grow some balls."  This indicates that having the courage to do something takes a "real man".  Therfore, the use of "balls" can be construed to be a sexist term.

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