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Do you prefer travel alone or with friends or travel group?

I myself am trying traveling alone. Want to know more experience from you!



I liked traveling alone when I was younger although I didn't have the opportunity very often but recently it's always been with my family.  

I'd like to travel with my family.

I travelled for the first time to New York by myself in order to make myself more comfortable being alone. If I were to travel out of the country or to other places, I'd prefer to have someone with me.

Of course it would be brilliant to travel with my friends but now i hav to travel only with my parents (if it's not a camp)

I would like to travel with friends as I would have a companion, but when ever 

Sorry pressed something by mistake...but hey ..I like to travel with friends, but whenever I want to go somewhere they are busy, and sometimes can be annoying, for example, they want to go to a specific place and I don't or we have different taste, but having a friend does make it more comfotable. 

I have travelled alone once and have made some new friends abroad who I can go to the same places with, and being alone makes me feel independent and also get to be me, so I like both.

I prefer travel with my friends. because They really funny :). It is good to be crowded. 

I'd like to travel by myself. In face, I always travel by myself.

I can go wherever I want without asking somebody else. 

Also I enjoy every kind of museums while most of my friends don't like museums. 

I'd like to travel with my husband. :)

I have never travelled alone so I can't say what I prefer. I think it depend on the type of travel. Generally, I think a travel shoud be shared with people who like doing what you like, who have your same interests.

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