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Nhạc Việt Nam/ Vietnamese music

Ca sĩ yêu thích của các bạn là ai đấy? 

Có một kênh radio tiếng Việt để nghe vpop hay nhạc truyền thống?

Càm ơn


Who is your favorite singer? Is there a radio station to listen vpop or traditional music?

Thank you



Hi Megumi!

in Vietnam there are many kinds of music

young people usually love vpop music or folk music

I love both of them but I prefer folk music. It's very lyrical and gentle

It's up to your hobby

My favorite singer is Cẩm Ly. she sings folk music really beautifully. she has a huge number of faithful fans( include me). I also love some other singers such as Hương Lan, Phi Nhung...

Khởi My, Hồ Quang Hiếu,  Noo Phước Thịnh... are also very popular vpop singers.

You can go on these websites to find your favarite songs such as or is the most popular website

I expect that you can find your favorite Vietnamese singers and songs 


Thanks! I found those singers...Love that kind of music and vietnamese sounds even better in singing!

Bạn hãy nghe Xone FM, kênh radio âm nhạc rất hay :)

ca sĩ yêu thích của các bạn là ai? (don't need "đấy" but it still true)

ai biết một kênh radio hay nhạc chuyền thống tiếng việt nào để nghe?

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