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How long does it take to learn French from a total beginner to B1 level?



12months minimum


It took me around 12-18 months.  Although, I'm sure this figure varies dramatically among learners depending on native language, learning technique, access to native speakers for practice etc.


French is not too difficult for English speakers.  There is a HUGE common vocabulary and the grammar (like conjugation endings, the subjunctive mood etc) may seem tricky at first but its definitely manageable!


Hardest aspect of French is probably the pronunciation, as this language contains several sounds that English doesn't (examples which come to mind: like the throat-y "r" and nasal vowels like "en", "un" and "on").


Many learners think that the high number of silent letters in French make it confusing to read (eg. can you believe that "il mange" and "ils mangent" are pronounced the same way?).  However, there are some pretty clear and finite rules regarding certain letter endings/combination which are ALWAYS silent.  On the whole, the "hurdle" of silent letters in French is very easily overcome.  Just takes getting used to.


Sorry! that was probably more information than what you were looking for.  bonne chance :)

thank you all! You guys are amazing! the answers are very clear and even with detail explaination! Cheers! x

thats a usful information actually as Im going to learn French in university full time! x


That depend of person some learns more than another, but if you stop talk in your native language and start talk just in French, listenning music just in French and watch movies just in French work everyday in translations and grammar of things you watched or listenned etc etc in few months you know talk French, just tranning the conversation, reading and listenning, put post it in all ur house with words in french for start and buy 2 goods dictionaries

In all honesty, you can do it in 5-9 months (or even shorter), provided you focus on learning, rather than studying. B1 isn't terribly difficult to achieve if you focus on efficient methods of learning. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of the blogs and, but I highly suggest you check them out. They can give you great insights into language learning. Another well-known polyglot, Khatzumoto of, says that people should focus on "getting used to a language," rather than studying it.


If you'd like, I can give you more personalized tips sometime. Being a Linguisitics student and a second language learner myself, I've actually just completed a bunch of very fruitful SLA (Second Language Acquisition) research that I'd love to share with you! Feel free to send me a message!

Thank you so much NIK! You can't imagine how excited I was when I receive your message! I will definitely check them out! I studied Bed in Chinese and Mandarin and beent teaching Chinese to English teenagers for few years, I will learn French in France soon after summer though. I would love to discuss more about SLA with you, I can feel your research must be very interesting! Thanks again for your comment! x


if you will learn in France people just will speak french will be very easy :D in few months like NIK told you...if you go study or teach in France so I guess 6 month more or less in France will be better that 6month learning and studying french in France than 1 or 2 years in your country I'm sure is allways best we learn a new language in country of that language :) you will see a lot of natives

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