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25 countries more dangerous in world


Hello people ))) everything ok?


I was read the online news and I find this nothice intersting:

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1 Honduras
2 Venezuela
3 Belize
4 El salvador
5 Guatemala
6 Jamaica
7 Swaziland
8 Saint Kitts and Nevis
9 South africa
10 Colombia
11 Bahamas
12 Congo
13 Trinidad and Tobago
14 Puerto rico
15 St. Vincent & Grenadines
16 Brazil
17 Rwanda
18 Dominican republic
19 Santa Lucia
20 Mexico
21 Nigeria
22 Equatorial Guinea
23 Botswana
24 Namibia
25 Panama



hello, mmmm well, i think that not everything is ok, i have been in venezuela and i dont think that its more dangerous than colombia, and i am from colombia, thats interesting, i have been studying this topic for some months. by the way, i can teach you spanish, i am learning english. 

:O you are a teacher, i did not read it, well, it seems you are the one who can teach me :D sorry 

I would like what is the indicator for making this clasification?  maybe inside war, drug traffing, gangs etc? because I think many those countries are not more dangerous..



In the link you can see the case of Number of homicides and Homicide Rate 2011 ...exemple


Homicide rate: 17.2 per 100 thousand inhabitants

Number of homicides in 2012: 654 cases

Homicide Rate 2011: 20.3 / 100 000 inhabitants

Ofc when we Travel for some country we don't go for bad places or bad zones, and all countries have own beautiful, so I guess when we Travel to Mexico we stay in Turist zone and not in "death" zone


Somalia is not on the list...:P 


We go to Brazil and we go watch football or holidays and not go in "Favela" where are one of big problem


Well maybe the violence in Somalia ins't in rates maybe people didn't report or are in top 30 :D I don't know ^^ about Somalia I just know "Pirates of Somalia"

Almost all Africa and Latin America is in the list. Syria and Somali are safer than Brazil, hahaha.


Maybe in Syria they didn't report the homicides or aren't consideret homicides


The World Cup didn't will influence to much in my opinion will be a lot of cops for protect the turist and players, you can't forget the "Favelas" ...and I post the link where I read that list and why they choose that countries

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