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Do you like to travel ? why ?

I like to travel,because I want to see the would.Travel can make you see different people,  different scenery,take the road never traveled.




Is funny relaxing I love travelling and same time take pic's of all, discover new cultures and try live like them...if I was rich I was all time travelling


we can also meet intersting people and differents languages

I would like to travel to different countries, I like to know new places, new people and new foods.

Well, I think everyone does :)

they just don't have enough money, time, heath to do so :)

Example for me, I would like to travell around the world, to different contries If I had money and time. 

i would like to taste different foods and enjoy different culture atmosphere. however, there is a benefit to be a chinese: we dont need to go another country just in order to have a unique experience. china is vast enough anyway.

i love meeting new people .

i love visiting new place .

i love taste new things , foods and . . .

i love to know about cultures alot , all of these give me new Ideas in any field that is why i love travelling ^_^ 

I like travel.
The trip is full of anxiety.
But.....When to travel alone, I am a travel is to help people who do not know a lot.
Mind and warm people, nice scenery, I enjoy the architecture.
There is a sense of accomplishment when I am finished the trip.

I hope to travel to discover new people and new relationships and new culture

and to excerise more time and spend more time as free time


i hope to travel and work in gulf countries espcially KSA

where is KSA?


I personally love big travels, ofc I believe travels because work mayve are a little borings and stressful...exemple my mum hate when she is in traffic, in my case I LOVE...I love do travels in train for be more long and I discover more things and enjoy the dream is know all Europe in a train and after 1 point to another of USA in a caravan ^^

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