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Are you proud of your country? If so..Why are you proud of it?


I'm proud of Colombia. Why? Historically we have suffered the consequences of violence and government's administrative irregularities. Even so, we're dreaming of a better Colombia. I'm proud because we've endured it and we're still fighting it. I'm proud of my country's landscapes and typical food as well. As you can see I'm a truly Colombian proud. How about you? Are you proud of your country?



yes of course...i'am Malaysian...

i love my country strongly...more than you(ha ha )..


I'm Russian and I'm proud of my country , which is the biggest country and one of the strongest ones. We have great history and culture. Now we have some problems (though they are less than ones of many other countries) , but Russia (at least Moscow , I don't know much about situacion in other cities) is rather good for living : beautiful architecture , cultural entertainment (theatres , museums , cinemas),very good school-education and not bad university one, one of the best levels of unemployment in the world , good food , good prices.

I am an Indonesian, I am proud of the traditions and culture Indonesia has:)


No, there's nothing to be proud of. 

I am proud of my country since I can't be proud of any other country and personally I don't prefer to be ashamed without a good reason. :)

To Misaki: Really ? If you're an Egyptian you've thousand years of beautiful history of your nation behind you, one of the smartest in the world, with a very rich culture, nation, which left its mark on the history of the world! Of course, the present situation does not make a lot of reasons to be proud of, but please, do not throw away the whole history of yours nation. In my opinion, you have a lot of reasons to be proud of it. Regards.


I'm not proud of what they do, but it's where my home is. 

I'm proud of my homeland, the USA, warts and all.  We have historically enjoyed a relative abundance of individual liberty, and its people are generally friendly and hospitable.  

I'm proud of Russia because of our great history first of all,our well-known writers are famous all ovef the world.If you ask a foreigner to name some Russian among them'll be Dostoevsky ,Grossman,Chekov etc.Welcome in Moscow!Here you'll have lots of things to do.In Moscow there are many theatres monuments landmarks.We try to preserve our customs and respect them.Just come here and i'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I'm Italian and I'm not proud of my country. People around the world know Berlusconi, who paid a 17 yo girl to sleep with him.Politicians think only about themselves.

My country is becoming poor and there is an high unemployment rate. University is useless is who want to make money.

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