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Does listening to Korean songs help in learning the Korean language?

Been addicted to CNBLUE's songs (and Jung Yong Hwa ^^ heheh) lately and I've been trying to make a cover of some of their songs for a few days now. Will it help in improving my Korean language skills?



I think it definitely does! The main thing the songs can help with is pronunciation (especially in songs like I'm a Loner where there's rapping/talking ;P), but a lot of pop songs also use similar phrases. So you might pick up a few phrases here and there the more you listen!

Yeah! I'm a Loner is the first song that I studied. :)

Listening might help, but actually singing does help.


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If you find a song with clear vocals, please post it here.



I agree they can help with pronunciation and learning words, especially when certain words are repeated over and over. BUT be careful, I was told by a language partner that most kpop songs "destroy grammer rules".

I agree with Carey. Most modern English language Pop songs would have you saying "wanna" instead of "want to". I have no idea if that applies to non-English songs.  You might have to find older, traditional songs.

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