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Why do people harass me on "" Is it because I am American?


I hate no one, so please don't hate me.



Why would you say that?

I don't know the reason, but whatever it is, I'm sure nationality does not seem to play any role here.


I say this to get an opinion of what people think about Americans. I also say it because some people dont like us Americans and that's not something that's not already known. I've had people harassing me for the last day, over nothing.


Luis if you'd still like to chat on skype, we can.

i m very surprised to hear that some people dont like americans

as for me they are absolutely normal people like any others










Wow sorry to hear that's happened. Surprisingly my experiences been all pleasant here thus far.


I've been a member for a while and this is the first time it's happened to me. Although, I've talked to a few another people who are also being harassed.

I never judge people by where they're from. 


I like the way you think. 

I think that says more about the people that are doing the harrassing than the fact that you are American. 


I hope that never happens to me, but you can always block people you know. No one can send you harrassing messages unless you allow them to. You can also report them to the italki crrew. 


There are haters all over the internet. This place has surprisingly few of them. Do us all a favor and report them so that the moderators can rid the place of the entirely. 


Most people are really wonderful here. Sorry you got a couple of bad apples. :(

So, it's really strange. If you wanna - feel free and join to friends, I'm be glad to friendship. I speak Russian as native language, and maybe I can help you in future ( I started to learn english 6 or 7 days ago, and my English soooo bad now :) I really hate government of one country, but is is not America :) 100 % )))
P.S Excuse for my English

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