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Cur linguam latinam studes?

Cur linguam latinam studes? Haec linguam mortuam est et nemo eam ait? Ergo: res graviores quam linguam latinam discere sunt. 



Hold onto your equus.

Latin is far from dead.

I had a friend who used Latin as his home language.  He and his wife raised two children who spoke only Latin as their mother tongue.

It is true that he has died, but his children live on with Latin as their first language.


*hold onto your equos


Qui cum civibus suis aiunt? Doleo, ut tua amicitia mortua sit. Sedne hoc exemplum linguam latinam discere fortasse non praedicit? Cur unam linguam discis, quae modo a duo mortales loquorunt?

I have to answer also in English, altough my Latin is quite good. However, it is theoretical, not practical Latin. Latin is not taught as a conversational language at school. The result is, that you are able to translate and read books, understand Latin in all its cases, but are not able to produce sentences. The training to speak Latin is missing. If students were taught in a conversational way, they could speak. I can understand the Latin you wrote here, but to answer in Latin would take me some time, I am not used to producing Latin sentences.


Anyhow, I would love to talk in Latin :)

I do not believe that Latin is a dead language. It can be reanimated.

Sic, linguam latinam pro conversatione sese non docuit. Sed secundo anno suae doctrinae in universitate   ex sua lingua in latinam linguam (auream saeculam) transfere textulum sese docuit. Quia sic casus est, etiam spicere linguam latinam possit. Non difficile est. Cum legere unam linguam possit, etiam scribere vel spicere non dificille sit.

   Unum bonum argumentum ego invenire possum, est simplex, scribere spicereque non mos est. Sed gadeo , ut aliquot personae etiam non multae me legere possent.



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