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The Dark Meaning Of 5 Chinese Terms

Surely in every country, and every culture, there are some very commonly used words – common according to their literal meanings – which also have dark meanings that are tacitly understood among native speakers. Here are 5...




不可以说飞机场吗?那可不可以说打飞机吗? 哦,等一下...还是不可以..中文好危险.



写的挺好的 已推荐给外国朋友看了


I'll definitely never wear a green hat :D

Well, I never did because of my taste, but I didn't know it has this extra meaning in Chinese culture.


About "eating soft rice", maybe I heard it in the Hangover movie and I thought it had a negative meaning but I didn't know the exact meaning until now. Well, yes, it would be offensive for me if someone tells me that. Usually the man earns more in almost every culture but also women have the right to earn enough..and there's financial crisis now..if I didn't have a job and my gf helps me momentary and someone told me that, it would be a bit offensive...


About 小姐, yes I already heard about that. My gf lives in the south and she told me if I say it, it's the author of the article said, it is mostly considered offensive in the north. Well, I don't wanna offend anyway :D I hope that if once I'll forget it and make a mistake, they will forgive a poor 老外 :D


About airport, I didn't know that :) Well, I think I would never say to a girl: "you are like an airport", so I'm safe, no risk of being misunderstood :P


About dinosaur and frog..hmm..frog may be used also abroad, but I never heard addressing a girl as a dinosaur in my country :D I'll try to remember the meaning though.


About the other words, I knew er4 (mostly used in Beijing dialect, but in every city I guess). Later on I also discovered 250...I admit I'd prefer someone says 520 to me :D (I'm taken anyway :P). hmm about "yellow", this is particular (we tend to link that to red color, instead of yellow). Why yellow? Can anyone explain the origin?



"Worn out shoes", I didn't know it but It's easily understandable.


"Make somebody wear small shoes" is understandable too.


The last one is "sun". Why does it mean f**k? Is it similar to another character with that meaning? Can anyone explain that?


Molly, your article was very informative and a fun read. However, I would like to know if there is an alternative personal designation for 小姐? And as far as the association with the size of a woman's breast and 飞机场 that's just ridiculous. Despite what many women think, all men do not like overly endowed women.

Thanks for the article, it was fun to read! I'd heard (been warned) about some of these, but some of these I hadn't seen before. 谢谢!

希望 “吃软饭” 有一天能失去贬义的色彩, 虽然是用来讥笑依靠女孩的男子 但是这种语言到底是损害男女平等。。。imo

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