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Cement or face powder?

I read an article which said that a research showed that men prefer women without makeup, or even using little makeup. What do women - and men - think about it? Does makeup obfuscates the natural beauty?



Wow. So global theme for discussing :) It will be great if we could wake up and go to Uni or work without 20min making up,yes, girls? Hm... but there are two big problems- 1)we notice our limitations;  2)we want to be beautiful everywhere and everytime. In my opinion, using  cosmetics in small quantity (without drawing eyebrows >_< and wearing kilograms of powder on yourself) is normal. It will only emphasize the natural beauty

I prefer women with little or even no make up. But in certain cases little make up does help to look more attractive.

Makeup should be used for special events and light/nude makeup if work warrants a good presence... The rest, for the sake of beauty and skin woman should be as natural as she can.

Yeah, maybe. Makeup isn't a problem, the exaggeration is.


At my age every bit helps. :-)

Leigh, the signal of experience doesn't deserve to be covered completely. 

In my country, it is said that guys prefer girls who put make up naturally- in fact, some girls make up sooo much with using technique so that they can look 'naturally' (!!) Guys do not notice. I'm not sure to what extent it's true though.

I prefer little make up because without it, I'd feel somehow it's embarassing. 


Many women these days wear a lot of make-up to make themselves feel more confident. When they take off all the make-up they feel ugly. How sad is this? I wish they realised they don't need all this. A little make-up is fine but not a lot. Be more confident ladies!

I don’t feel obligated to tell a woman how she has to wear her make up, a woman should decide for herself what make up and how much, but my opinion about her appearance is only said when it’s asked. In most cases I don’t care how a woman looks, it’s her responsibility. It’s not really important in most cases, besides the woman that I know personally, don’t have to look like a prostitute.

Thank you all.

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