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I'm a little bit confused...

So...have you seen serials as Prison Break or White Collar? They are interesting and exciting, aren't they? But, why such handsome and attractive main actors are gays??? I'm sure that there are too much men who have another orientation! Why they deprive our pretties part of the world from so beautiful partners??? :)

It's interesting to know your opinion :)



Most actors are gays... maybe they try 'it' to get their roles when they are initiating their careers and some of them have enjoyed it.

Because acting is indeed a skill. Often these actors start acting when they are in school and become skilled. Boys in school usually want to do manly things like play sports. The gay guys are more likely to enter the arts. This is also why so many male singers are gay too. When I was in school, drama class was girls and all the gay guys in the school.

haha, Mewe :) I like your answer! :)

Kiyama, lately too much people "try" to get their roles, don't they? :) :) :)

I think you confused yourself because of two things. First: Not all handsome or beautiful men are gays. Second you think that you have a chance dating such actors if it wasn't for the fact that they're gays. If I am wrong, then please consider using better words as they made me think that you want to date those actors, Otherwise, why bother?

Mewe, not all men who are interested in Arts or acting are sissies or gays. Maybe it was in your school, but not in all schools withing your State, Country or the rest of the world, if you even consider the rest of the world, cow boy!

You are wrong :) Of course, I don't want to date them! I even haven't got opportunity to do this :)) I'm just interested in getting different opinions on this questions and maybe understand myself why such things occur in the world.

Again you're trying to assume that only beautiful men are gays. And again are you wondering why there are men who are only interested in men, or are you sad because some beautiful men are gays and thus you'll have to choose only between average men?!

Ahmed, I don't mean myself! By starting this discussion I implied our society on the whole! And these actors are just examples of what's going on and that's all. Also, another evidence of this talk is that beauty has strong ifluence on th relationship. And there is no another approaches which can concern my interests.

Have you been elected by the women of the world to speak for them? who told you that other women are bothered by the fact that some handsome actors are gays?! Besides, you didn't answer the question.

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