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How to speak to a foreigner?

When you talk with a foreigner, will you be too nervous to say any words?



If you are speaking with a foreigner, you are also a foreigner for that person. So there is no need to be nervous :)

I'd like to start a conversation with foreigner, but sometimes it can be embarrassd.


Nacir made a very good point. You are foreigner to them too. When I made a conversation I found that some people are very nervous when they spoke to me so there is nothing to be afraid from

I'm little nervous when chatting/emailing firstly. But it's because mainly they're stranger. And the facter that he/she speaks foreign language and is from other country comes after that. Once you'll get to know each other, such feeling will fade away. 


I feel normal ))  is a normal thing maybe because I have a lot of friends non-native

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